About Us

The Librarians’ House, a cultural association with a dependent official structure under the supervision of Children’s Book Council, was inaugurated on 5 March 2004. The building, which is an eye-catching and lovely place, was donated by engineer Ayoub Movahedipour and Ms. Malleahé Peashdad and it officially started off by a reading promotion workshop. Due to Iran’s need for expanding the reading culture in order to enrich knowledge and insight, the non-governmental organizations and community centers play an important and vital role in this matter.
Our Mission
 The Librarians’ House mainly aims for promoting the reading culture (reading, seeing, listening. touching) among the children and teenagers (0-16) and for training librarians and promoters.
     1-  Providing children, teenagers, parents, and trainers with new ways of interest in reading.
     2-  Training librarians and enriching the staff with experienced experts to promote reading culture.
     3-  Establishing reference libraries and information centers to promote reading.
     4-  Interacting with students and teachers to enhance reading culture.
     5-  Providing consultations for establishing, organizing and developing libraries for children,    teenagers, and cultural centers, especially in district 11 in Tehran.
 The Librarians’ House has programmed its activities at various levels: intra-city, provincial, national, regional, and international.
 In order to expand the activities, the Librarians’ House models the similar global experiences and, on demand, it participates in international plans in this field.
      1-  Holding reading promotion workshops for parents, trainers, teachers, and the interested ones in cultural activates for children and teenagers with disabilities.
      2-  Holding librarian and reading promotion workshops to train librarians and promoters.
      3-  Collecting reading sources, organizing and providing public relations services.
      4-  Founding research and consultation centers to develop cultural services in public libraries and other centers.
      5-  Publishing activities in forms of information and promotion sources, brochures, and so on.
      6-  Calling for cultural and book-fair-related summits to meet the objectives of the Librarians’ House.
      7-  Continued collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations, especially non-governmental ones cooperating with Children’s Book Council and media.  
- Education
The education group aims to instruct and train librarians, promoters, teachers and parents who can evoke the love of reading in young people.
- Research
The research group seeks new ways and innovative methods of reading promotion and shares these findings with individuals and groups interested.
- Promotion
The principal goal of this group is to train and educate promoters and to provide them with the required practical and theoretical knowledge.
- Reference library
This library contains books and other materials on theoretical and practical aspects of children's literature and librarianship.
- Children and adolescents' library
The welcoming and friendly atmosphere of the library with its collection of quality books, along with many interesting events, ceremonies and workshops, provides an attractive place for young people to enjoy reading, listening to stories and spending enjoyable moments.
- Publications
This section prepares books, pamphlets and other materials to help attain the goals of the House of Librarians.